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After being involved with wakeboarding and wakesurfing for over 20 years, we’re super stoked to see it’s popularity boom over the years, but the different wake requirements, and the explosion of boat numbers in the same crowded waterways, has proven to be… not quite as fun.


We started NewWave to take the experience back on our own terms and share our love for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, by creating what we feel is the best way to enjoy being out on the water (after 20 years, we know a thing or two about that) - away from the crowds, on cleaner, calmer waters, and a kick-ass boat that’s ANY wake lover’s dream.


Oh, and a killer sunset, of course! With our friendly and experienced driver/instructor Dezzo at the helm, promising safe, fun in the sun, and top-notch instruction, (He is pretty cool. and great with kids too) It’s about bringing the joy of the experience back, and riding better, whether you’re just starting out, or flying high.


Currently, most boats are weighted (ballast) for wakesurfing OR wakeboarding. But with our brand new Centurion FI23 (the first in Singapore), whether it’s wakesurfing, wakeboarding or just chilling on board with a cold one… we’ve got you sorted in uninterrupted style.


The Centurion is the only boat in Singapore capable of dialling in any wake size and shape at the push of a button - able to satisfy absolute beginner to seasoned pro. Surfers and boarders can ride back to back, which means no more time wasting ballast trips to the jetty!  And for those just there to hang out? It’s got space for 10 awesome people in a mighty baller interior too.

Check out this baby here:


NewWave is based in the peaceful and clean enclave of Raffles Marina at the western tip of Singapore - away from the usual crowds. We want our riders to be able to surf or wakeboard without worrying about narrow, crowded channels and choppy waters (or unidentifiable brown foam!)  Calmer waters also make it easier to learn and much more fun to ride in general… 


And because of our location, the sunsets are killer - on the water, on the boat, or at one of the cafes on the marina, It’s is a great way to spend a moment away from the hustle and bustle.


All things said, at the end of the day, we know it’s about the community - good vibes, peace, love, and fun in the sun. (music, and barbecues when we’re able!) 


So pop by and join us! We’d love to meet you, and show you how it feels like to ‘ride the new wave’.

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